Saturday, March 30, 2013

FireWater Fuel

You might want to keep an eye on this company - - FireWater Fuel.  Hydrogen fuel has always been on the renewable back burner.  Far more potential than practical promise.  But the funny thing with a hydrogen based economy and delivery system - - people and organizations never seem to give up on the idea.
From their website:
"The renewable energy sector is set to undergo a period of unprecedented growth in the coming years. From the 2011 Bloomberg New Energy Finance: Global Renewable Energy Market Outlook, investment in renewable energy projects is expected to reach $395 billion (bn)/yr by 2020 and $460 bn/yr by 2030. Solar and wind combined will account for $290 bn/yr by 2020. Overall, an estimated 7 trillion dollars in capital will be required between 2011-2030.
One of the challenges facing the deployment of renewable energy systems is the intermittent nature of renewable energy resources – the sun does not always shine, nor is wind always present. This drawback presents a huge global opportunity for energy storage systems that can harness excess solar or wind energy and release it during periods where the sun or wind aren't present. One of the most promising systems is hydrogen (H2) owing to the fact that H2 has a high energy density. One kilogram of H2 holds three times the energy of gasoline (i.e., 1 gallon of gasoline = 1 kilogram of H2). Hydrogen can also be used to power fuel-cell electric vehicles, convert sequestered CO2 into liquid fuels, sold as merchant gas or simply stored until it is needed.
Hydrogen must be extracted from a source because it does not occur naturally. The ideal source of H2 is water. FireWater Fuel Corp. has developed a new technology that can produce cheap, scalable and environmentally friendly hydrogen cleanly from water. The opportunity of the future is here today."

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