Sunday, June 22, 2014

Trinity Skyline Trail

Texas cities are slowly embracing their rivers.  Dallas is one example.  Along the Trinity River, Dallas is embarking on the largest public works project it has ever undertaken.  Called the Trinity River Corridor Project, it's a $2 billion project covering flood control, recreation, and transportation.  This is a huge cultural shift for Dallas - from turning its back to turning toward the Trinity.

The Trinity Skyline Trail recently opened.  From the City of Dallas website:

The Trinity Skyline Trail is the first trail to bring visitors close to the Trinity River in the Dallas Floodway with views of downtown Dallas. The 4.6 mile hard surface trail is perfect for hiking and biking. This new outdoor trail will connect to the Santa Fe Trail after 2017 when the TxDOT Horseshoe Project is complete at I-30 and I-35. It will also connect to the Trinity Strand Trail upon its completion.

Trinity Skyline Trail

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