Friday, June 13, 2014

CDM Smith and The Makes Me Smarter Experience

When I read the material on the CDM Smith website, I can generally answer the following in the affirmative:

  • The site makes me smarter and up to date on things I care about.  It has depth and is very professional.  One question that CDM should be thinking about is, "Smarter About What?"
  • It is time well spent.
  • Even if I disagree with information on this site, I feel I have learned something valuable.
  • I look at this site as educational.  I am gaining something.
  • They do a good job covering important topics.  They don't miss things.
  • It addresses issues or topics of special concern to me.
  • It updates me on things I try to keep up with.
All website like CDM's are doing a much better job regarding thinking directly about the audience in creating "experience-oriented" content.  The next step for many sites is the persistence of memory issue - "I can remember this important information later."  

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