Saturday, June 21, 2014

Texas Water Technology Accelerator

Texas needs something like the AccelerateH20 initiative.  We have a unique opportunity to become a global water hub for research, development, venture capital, and commercialization of everything water.  The perfect storm of water needs has entered the Texas landscape.  Climate change potential and rapid development has the whole state thinking water.  We are the perfect state to take advantage of this perfect storm. Our advantages include the following:

  • The need - a state with a growing population that is in need of additional water resources.  Water resources is tracking to be the biggest impediment to our future growth and economic opportunities.
  • The academics - a state with two universities (University of Texas and Texas A&M) well positioned to take advantage of research opportunities.  Texas understands how to utilize our academic resources to solve problems and develop new business opportunities.
  • The money - big problems need big checkbooks.  Texas is state with big checkbooks.  We get risk and opportunity and reward and venture capital.  We get the potential of water becoming the new oil.
  • The energy-water nexus - water and energy are tightly linked.  New sources of water (i.e., desalination of sea and brackish water) will require new sources of energy.  The state is a leader in natural gas development and solar/wind resources.  No state understands the combination of water and energy issues better than Texas.
  • The public-private-partnership water matrix - water opportunities will require the public and private sectors working together.  What P3s have done for our transportation problems and funding constraints, P3s can also do for the water sector.  We understand that when a part of the infrastructure matrix has the language and revenue of a business - - you need to look at turning it into a business.
  • The hub mindset - Houston is the global leader in the oil services sector.  We understand the benefits and responsibilities associated with being the center of an industry.  Our culture is about being the center of attention!!  We think bigger than everyone else.
  • The political mindset - when we go after something, we really go all out.  Low taxes, low housing costs, an entrepreneurial friendly business climate - - we will do what it takes to be the global water hub. 

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