Sunday, February 16, 2014

LiDAR Coming to Drones

See link for the story.  From the website:

"The innovative sensor was designed to meet the challenges of emerging surveying solutions by UAS, gyrocopters, and ultra-light aircraft, both in measurement performance and in system integration. The VUX-1 is an ultra lightweight LiDAR sensor with less than 4 kilograms (less than 9 pounds) overall weight, that can easily be mounted onto professional UAS/RPAS. It has a 300 degree field of view and produces the extremely high quality LiDAR data users expect from a RIEGL product. Internal storage offers the ability to collect data for several hours at altitudes/ ranges up to more than 1,000 ft. Scanner applications include, but are not limited to: Agricultural and Forestry, Defense, Wide Area Mapping, Flood Zone Mapping, Glacier and Snowfield Mapping, Topography and Mining, and the Academic Markets."

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  1. its an excellent device. i would suggest to invite some interested engineers from the public organization and make them familiar with the real operation. then they will understand the pros and con and explain them how you really develop plans with the existing features and what effort is involved and how much accuracy is there. lidar survey


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