Friday, August 10, 2012

Houston's Green Office Challenge

The Houston Green Office Challenge in the heart of oil country is interesting.  An energy efficiency program that harnesses the competitive spirit of the city's businesses to drive down their energy use, with recognition and the possibility of some small cash grants its only rewards.

The City of Houston is looking to commercial property managers and office tenants to demonstrate leadership in environmental performance throughout the City of Houston. Participating in the Green Office Challenge allows your business - and Houston - to get a head start on meeting these critical targets. We’ll link you to resources that will make it easy to improve the energy efficiency of your building or office space - and save you some real green.

How it works

The Houston Green Office Challenge is a friendly competition for commercial property managers and office tenants that acknowledges participants for their achievements in greening their operations through Mayoral and media recognition. The Green Office Challenge helps participants move down the path towards environmental sustainability and, in some cases, towards third-party green building certification through the ENERGY STAR and LEED™ rating systems.

For Property Managers

Property managers with commercial buildings throughout the Houston area are invited to take part in the Green Office Challenge. The City of Houston will facilitate the achievement of property manager goals by providing training and resources for reducing energy use, waste, and water use, as well as tenant engagement.
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For Office Tenants

Office tenants in the City of Houston are invited to participate in the Green Office Challenge. The Challenge will evaluate the “greenness” of their operations using the innovative “Green Office Scorecard.” Tenants will be recognized for implementation of green strategies that address office energy and water use, waste, transportation, and outreach.
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