Saturday, August 11, 2012

Ryan Incorporated Central

The New Yorker has a profile of Representative Paul Ryan (Fuzzbudget) in the August 6, 2012 issue.  Ryan is the author of Roadmap for America's Future - - his strategic vision of tackling our nation's budget and deficit woes.  The word "Roadmap" seems very appropriate in the case of Ryan.  The Ryans were major road builders, and today Ryan, Inc., started in 1884 by Paul's great-grandfather, is a national construction firm (Ryan Incorporated Central). 

This is a quote from Ryan in the article - -

"Of course we believe in government.  We think government should do what it does well, but that it has limits, and obviously within those limits are things like infrastructure, interstate highways, and airports."

The Ryan VP nomination will probably reinforce the Era of the Trade-off.  The status quo or movement to Medicare vouchers and the privatization of Social Security that allows for greater investment opportunities in infrastructure that supports economic growth.

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