Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Momentum Machines

Sometime in the future.  Robots could be coming to your local McDonald's.  Momentum Machines is attempting to bring robotics to the most labor intensive industry in the United States.  The next time you're in line to get your Quarter Pounder, remember that what you see behind the counter and in the kitchen represents labor costs of $9 billion per year for the industry.

If you dropped out of high school to make a career of cooking french fries and flipping burgers, you might want to rethink that alternative.  Robotics are coming to the last bastion of the unskilled labor markets.  The Chinese had nothing to do with this!!

It actually looks good (360 burgers per hour is the projected production rate = six burgers per minute!!).  All I want  are robotics and reliability engineering to come to my local McDonald's shake machine.

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