Sunday, November 4, 2012

Who Benefits From Hurricane Sandy?

From the online Atlantic - - 5 Beneficiaries of Hurricane Sandy in order:
  1. Construction Workers
  2. Media
  3. Engineers
  4. Hotels - the ones with power
  5. Cyclists
The text of the comments related to engineers:

In the short-term, there is, obviously, a lot of work in Sandy's wake for engineers. Admittedly this is a broad categorization, but the damage has been wide-ranging, and it seems obvious that engineers of the hydraulic, structural, electrical and mechanical varieties will be in demand in the Tri-State area for a while. The Army Corps of Engineers’ elite "dewatering" team was flown into New York to examine its inundated infrastructure, the first time they had been deployed outside of New Orleans. Areas of New Jersey and Long Island that are still standing will need dunes and infrastructure rebuilt immediately if they are to survive winter storms.

It’s likely that engineers will also have work to do in the region in the future. Governor Andrew Cuomo admitted that the effects of the storm require long-term planning: "I think we need to anticipate more of these extreme weather type situations in the future and we have to take that into consideration in reforming, modifying our infrastructure."

New Jersey governor Chris Christie, a Republican, hinted that he agreed this was not an isolated event: "I'm never going to use the phrase hundred-year storm again because we've had three of those, three hundred-year storms, in the past three years," he said at a press conference on Wednesday.
If Cuomo’s pledge becomes a reality, we could expect massive engineering projects in the New York Harbor in the coming years. Talk of climate change and infrastructure will become more common, particularly after Tuesday’s election.

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