Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Following the Money in 2013

Over the last 40 or more years, engineers have operated under a rather narrow view of our national energy system.  The view has been that our infrastructure was set up for the idea that the United States is an energy-deficit nation.  This is changing, where change means increased opportunities.

The Wall Street Journal pointed this out on December 28, 2012 in an article by Tom Fowler and Ben Lefebvre - - Oil Boom Spurs New Investment.  From the article:

"AECOM Technology Corp., a firm that does industrial project design, management and engineering, forecasts that in 2013 as much as $45 billion may be spent on new or expanded transportation infrastructure, including pipelines, rail cars, rail terminals and other projects, said Seth Dentsch, an AECOM senior vice president."

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  1. Happy New Year, Steven. Please continue with your blog and your interesting reflections on engineering.


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