Monday, February 17, 2014


Annual Household Energy In Gallons of Gas Consumed for Electricity, Water, Waste, Travel, and Heating Fuel
New York

EnergyPoints has come up with a very important methodology to make sure we are all on the same sustainability page.  Whether we are talking about electricity, water, waste, or heating fuel the complexity is often getting everyone on an understandable and equivalent energy scale.  Green and sustainable are the trendy adjectives that have lacked historically a meaningful measurement number.  At some level green and sustainable is about behavior modification - where getting people to think in terms of kilowatt-hours, or BTUs, or LEED scores, or gallons per person per day across the entire water-energy-waste-transportation matrix is a challenge.

What EnergyPoints does with their analytics and algorithms is get all the numbers to an energy equivalence - - in this case gallons of gasoline.  Fortune has a great article on the company and process in this month's issue - Measuring Energy.  Organizations are coming up with sustainability goals, like the Massachusetts Department of Transportation GreenDot program, where they want to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 40% by 2020.  Someone like a EnergyPoints, that is good at data mining and mathematical modeling will be in the drivers seat to help people and organizations capture and understand their energy and carbon numbers over a broad range of systems.

The table at the top is from the article - Texas leads the way on energy consumption.  I ran my TXU electricity bill (850 kWh) for January through my algorithm yielding an energy equivalence of 25 gallons of gasoline. 

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