Friday, February 14, 2014

Not Finding Love in Columbus, Ohio

If you are a graduating engineer from The Ohio State University this semester and you are not impressed with the barren landscape of central Ohio, you might want to cast your eyes to Fort Worth next Valentine's Day.

The Wall Street Journal looked at geography and love (without the aid of GIS) on Thursday.  Two findings should be noted:
  1. Fort Worth ranks high in the "Highest likelihood of a relationship" - - #3.
  2. Fort Worth ranks high in the "Most single females per single male" - - #3.  This statistic is often overlooked, but supply and demand are critical metrics in the mating business.  If you are a female engineering  OSU graduate, San Francisco ranks highest in "Most single males per single female" - - which points out the importance of context in any statistical mating analysis.
My recommendation - focus on TCU.  I did.

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