Saturday, April 9, 2011

Becoming More Creative

Here are six steps you can follow to become more creative right now:
  1. Always try to find at least five solutions to each challenge.  This effort forces you to be creative and to understand that there is not always one solution to every challenge.
  2. Use group synergy and energy to find solutions.  Other people's experience, education, and thinking processes are different and should be used.
  3. Never downplay any suggestions or ideas.  Sure, some suggestions might be less than ideal, but as a group you can build, change, adjust, or fine-tune any idea to solve your challenge.
  4. Have confidence in your subconscious mind.  Many of the answers are there.  Take time to be alone with your thoughts and trust in yourself that the answers will come to the surface.
  5. Practice telling stories, metaphors or analogies.  This exercises your creative muscle.
  6. Be patient with the solutions you are seeking.  It might take longer than expected, bu the perfect solution is always worth the wait.

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