Friday, April 29, 2011

Interface Reviews

Periodic project and program reviews are an important tool for reviewing the status and details of work progress at a particular point in time.  Typically it is a great time to review the details of project performance - - cost, schedule, quality, and the meeting of design requirements.  Most often viewed as a control function - - the process allows for change and adjustments.

As a separate step in the project and program reviews, consider having "Interface Reviews."  Think in terms of the systems that interface with the project or program.  Particular review and status updates are critical where one system interfaces with another system.  The term system should be broadly defined.  Physical systems are a given - - where a civil engineering system interfaces with a mechanical system is a source of risk that needs special attention and care.  Several issues are key at interface points - - who or whom is taking ownership and accountability; and have design requirements been fully communicated across the interface point?

Systems are not just physical systems.  Think in terms of the interface between or among subcontractors and partners.  Schedule, cost, and quality need special care at these points.  Regulatory interface points are also key - - have you secured the appropriate permits and approvals?  This type of interface point needs to be clearly visible on the critical path.

Remember the project interface points in your next review - - these can be a big concern and a source of risk.

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