Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Bridge

The National Academy of Engineering produces a quarterly publication called The Bridge - - free.  Just call or e-mail and they will add you to the list.  This quarter has the theme - - Urban Sustainability.  All the articles are great - - fresh ideas to old and new problems.

What I found interesting are the new words and phrases in the articles - - the innovation of a new language to discuss the complex issues of sustainability.  Provided below are several of my favorites:

Urban Genome Project
Urban DNA
Global City Indicators
Connected Urban Development
Decision Theater
Owning the Urban Agenda
Multipurpose Systems
Hybrid Systems
Grey. Black, and Yellow Water
Service-Based Financing
Social Context
Infrastructural Ecologies
Multipurpose, Synergistic Systems
Mono-functional Facilities
Logistical Benefits
Leverage Natural Processes
Acupunctual Approach
Cross-Case Analysis
Urban Mining
Urban Ore
Urban Mining Stock
Abandoned/Comatose/Hibernating Stock

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